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Chinese authorities issued notice regarding epidemic control of crew members on
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Oasis Circular No.: 2011


Date: 25 Sept 2020


Subject: Chinese authorities issued notice regarding epidemic control of crew members on international sailing vessels


In the past few months, there have been quite a number of cases at various Chinese ports where crew members on international sailing vessels were found positive to COVID-19 tests, causing delay to different extents as well as various costs and losses (more details can be found in Oasis Circular No. 2009).


On 24 Sep 2020, the Ministry of Transportation, General Administration of Customs, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a notice jointly regarding epidemic control on international sailing vessels, with details as follows:           

1. This notice is applicable to all international ships that are scheduled to call China.           

2. In case a ship has arranged crew change at the last port of call before arrival in China or within 14 days before arrival in China, the newly joined crew members should receive COVID-19 nucleic acids tests within 3 days before embarking on the ship, and should hold the test reports showing negative results when joining the vessel. The tests shall be carried out by institutions designated or recognized by Chinese embassies and consulates abroad. We understand that on the website of Chinese embassies in a foreign country, a list of recognized testing institutions can be found.

3. When applying for entry formalities at the first Chinese port of call, the ship shall submit copies of the test reports as mentioned above via her owners or the local agent.

4. If the ship to which this notice applies violates the requirements therein and the provisions of relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, there may be  hindrance to the ship's berthing and departing or its operation in China. If the circumstances are serious, the ship may bear administrative legal responsibility.  For crew members who have newly joined the vessel at the last port of call or within 14 days before arrival in China, if they are not holding the required negative test reports or are holding falsified test reports and thereby causing spreading of COVID-19 in China or imposing danger of such spreading, may be faced with criminal charges.


This notice has come in to force since its announcement date on 24 Sep 2020. Shipowners are reminded to observe the above requirements when arranging crew change before their vessels’ arrival in China.


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