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Oasis Circular 1901: Asian Gypsy Moths (AGM) Certificate
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It has come to the time of the year again when AGM becomes active in Asia.


Ships that have visited ports during specified periods (roughly from end of May to end of September, subject to specific provision of government regulations in different countries) of risk for AGM during the current year or preceding year, that are located in the Russian Far East, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and all ports north of Shanghai (defined as all ports on or north of 31°15' north latitude) in the People's Republic of China, will be required to provide AGM Certificate when she is calling USA, Canada, New Zealand, etc. thereafter.


As such, ships are recommended to have AGM certificate issued by recognized organizations before their departure from these AGM high risk ports during the specified periods.


In China, the recognized organization to issue AGM certificate is CCIC. Usually with the assistance of local agent, ships calling ports north of Shanghai will obtain AGM certificate issued by CCIC before departure. For ships calling ports south of Shanghai, AGM certificate is not necessarily required but still obtainable if the vessel wishes to.


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