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Expanding of fishery farms around the route to Yantai port in January 2024
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Date: 24 January 2024


Oasis Circular No.: 2401


Subject: Expanding of fishery farms around the route to Yantai port in January 2024

We refer to our previous circular No.: 2210 issued on 07 November 2022 in respect of route adjustment between Yantai and Weihai and alert of fishery farms to the south of the new route, a copy of which is attached.


On 12 January 2024, Shandong MSA updated the navigation warning for the fishery farms to the south of the route between Yantai and Weihai. We noted from the fresh navigation warning that since last year the areas of the fishery farms have frequently expanded at the southern edge of the route. The fishery farms are very close to the route at about 200m away from the southern edge. As the edge of the fishery farms changed in different seasons, the fishery farms may sometimes be even closer to the route.


In addition, the traffic density is high in the route. When a vessel navigates in the route to call Yantai port, she may pass through fishery farms especially when she is taking action to avoid collision in an urgent situation. If a vessel is more than 100,000 DWT, because of her size and the fishery farms are so close to the route, the risk of entering the fishery farms is higher.


The areas of fishery farms published by MSA are listed below:

E37°3839N  121°3848E;

F37°3924N  121°5630E;

G37°3430N  121°4520E;

H37°3324N  121°3848E.


An illustration of expanded fishery farms at the southern edge of the route


Suggestion on navigation safety


1.         Vessels that call Yantai port are reminded to pay special attention to the expanded fishery farms. Crew members are suggested to maintain proper lookouts, keep nav-aids in good working condition and comply with COLREG 1972 at all times.


2.         Vessels of less than 100,000 DWT are suggested to navigate in the route between Yantai and Weihai when they call Zhifu port area of Yantai port. Vessels of more than 100,000 DWT which call Zhifu port area and vessels which call Xigang port area are suggested to turn to the port area at an appropriate position which shall be away from the southern edge of the route.


3.         Masters are suggested to check with their local ship agents before their vessels call at Yantai port for the latest information.  


We hope the above is of assistance. If there is any query, please feel free to contact us at oasis@oasispandi.com anytime. 


Best regards,



Oasis P&I Services Company Limited 




Attachment: Oasis circular 2210

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