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Navigation Restricted Areas of Miaodao Archipelago in Bohai Sea of China
Date:2023-11-06 Views:

Date: 06 Nov 2023


Oasis Circular No.:2311


Subject: Navigation Restricted Areas of Miaodao Archipelago in Bohai Sea of China


We recently handled some cases where vessels passing through the navigation restricted areas of Miaodao Archipelago were ordered by MSA to stop for investigation when calling at Tianjin, Qinhuangdao, Jingtang, Longkou and other ports around the Bohai Bay.


Miaodao Archipelago in the Bohai sea area is a restricted area where merchant vessels are not allowed to navigate except through the Laotieshan channel and/or the Changshan Channel. The location of aforementioned restricted area is published on the ECDIS and also in navigation warnings and Notice to Mariners. As some merchant vessels may not be aware of such restriction, when calling the ports around the Bohai Bay, they sometimes pass through this area unintentionally to save time and distance.


The sketch of Laotieshan Channel and Changshan Channel is enclosed hereunder, where navigation is allowed for merchant vessels:


sketch of Laotieshan Channel and Changshan Channel


In such cases, local MSA would usually conduct investigation on the vessel and will not give green light to her departure until the investigation is completed. Meanwhile, owners and the crew members may be subject to penalties in case the violation is confirmed by MSA.


In addition, as there are some fishery farms and fixed fishing nets in this restricted area, civil claims may be lodged by the local fishery farm owners due to damages caused by the vessel.


Foreign vessels are reminded to pay attention to the above navigation restricted area at Miaodao Archipelago in Bohai sea and do not navigate in these areas except through the two nominated channels.


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